Discover the history of the PGS Group from 1993 to the present day, in this animated video retracing the stages in our company’s growth.
  • 1993Founding of Palettes Gestion Services

    Palettes Gestion Services is established in March 1993. Its President, Jean-Louis Louvel, and two partners, Michaël Modugno (Vice President) and Gilles Hermann (Director of Purchasing), begin operating out of a small, 400-sq.m workshop in Saint-Étienne du Rouvray, providing pallet repairs.
  • 1995Expanding its reach across France

    PGS opens its second facility in Le Mans in 1995. Other reconditioning sites quickly follow, with the aim of establishing a network across all of France.
  • 2001 Pallet manufacturing

    PGS decides to include new pallet production among its services, on its way to becoming a full-fledged producer. After meeting some capable individuals with extensive knowledge of their industry, PGS decides to acquire three lumber and pallet production facilities in France: Technipal Normandie (located in Orne), Technipal Bretagne (Morbihan) and Technipal Champagne (Haute-Marne).
  • 2001 Diversification of the product and service offerings

    PGS begins marketing additional products, such as big bags used for bulk transport and storage. Soon thereafter, the company begins offering related business services for streamlined, delegated pallet flow management: pallet relocation, customer inventory management, recycling, transport, etc.
  • 2002 PGS launches a social responsibility campaign

    PGS introduces a policy of social responsibility by developing an initial partnership with the sheltered workshop (ESAT) in St Quentin, France, to produce new pallets from secondary wood. The Group later steps up its commitment by signing additional partnerships with other sheltered workshops throughout France.
  • 2006 International expansion

    PGS begins its international expansion by opening two facilities outside France: one in Barcelona, Spain, and another in Charleroi, Belgium.
  • 2008 ISO 14001 and PEFC certifications (FCBA/08-00941)

    PGS’s reconditioning facility in St Etienne de Rouvray is the first of its sites to win ISO 14001 certification for pallet collection, repair and reconditioning as well as flow management, drying, NIMP15 heat treatment and onsite customer services. In the same year, PGS is certified by the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) for wood pallet production at its three Technipal sites. The PEFC-certified new pallets from PGS are the first in France to bear the PEFC logo, which provides a guarantee that the wood used for their manufacture came from sustainably managed forests.
  • 02.2009 PGS / Beynel merger

    PGS acquires a majority stake in Beynel-Manustock, the French leader in pallet lumber and a major force in pallet and box pallet production. The merger makes PGS/Beynel-Manustock France’s largest producer of wood pallets and the second largest in Europe. June 2009 - Windblown timber storage platform Storm Klaus, which hit France’s Aquitaine region in January 2009, brought down 42.5 million cu.m of wood, with maritime pine receiving the brunt of the damage (37.1 million cu.m). In the face of that unprecedented economic and environmental disaster, 32 hectares of land are acquired for storing the raw material and keeping it damp. The storage platform is adjacent to the Beynel plant in Salles. In all, 500,000 tonnes of wood are stored for a total of 11 months.
  • 06.2009Plateforme de stockage des bois de tempête

    Janvier 2009, la tempête Klaus, localisée en Aquitaine, a touché 42,5 millions de m3 de bois, dont 37,1 millions de m3 de pin maritime qui est l’essence la plus affectée. Face à ce désastre économique et écologique sans précédent, 32 hectares de terrain ont été acquis pour le stockage de cette matière première qui sera conservée sous aspersion. La plateforme de stockage est contiguë à l’usine Beynel de Salles (33). Au total, 11 mois seront nécessaires pour l’entreposage des 500 000 tonnes prévues.
  • 01.2010Acquisition of Palettes Perurena and Synergie Emballages

    On 25 January 2010, the PGS Group acquires two companies, Palettes Perurena and Synergie Emballages, located in Coquainvilliers and St Amand-Montrond respectively. Perurena and Synergie manufacture wood pallets (2,000,000/year) and produce Douglas fir lumber (60,000 cu.m/year). With that acquisition, the PGS Group – already France’s largest provider of new and reconditioned wood pallets and the second biggest in Europe – cements its position as market leader and becomes France’s biggest source of pallet lumber.
  • 02.2011The PGS Group finalises its acquisition of a stake in Beynel

  • 04.2011Merger of the PGS Group and Blanc Group

    The PGS Group continues its expansion plans by acquiring a majority equity stake in the Blanc Group. The transaction encompasses two companies, SFB (Scierie Palettes Blanc) and SPC (Scierie Palettes de Camarès), two complementary and inseparable production sites with annual production of approximately 1.3 million pallets.
  • 05.2011Founding of BRP

    The PGS Group and the Belgian firm François SA decide to pool some of their operations and combine their expertise with the aim of enhancing their efficiency in Belgium, by merging their respective subsidiaries (PGS Belgium and CSD Palettes). The resulting company, Belgium Recycling Pallets SA, marks the birth of a leader in the Belgian market for reconditioned pallets.
  • 09.2012PGS acquires a stake in De Backer

    In its first strategic transaction outside France, PGS acquires an initial minority stake in the capital of its Belgian counterpart and partner De Backer, the country’s leading producer of wood pallets.
  • 09.2012PGS acquires control of the Orth Group

    PGS continues its series of acquisitions to strengthen its lumber/production hub and add to its presence in France. The Group acquires a 51% controlling interest in Orth SAS and its Jurapal pallet manufacturing unit, with consolidated turnover of €27.6 million. As a result, PGS expands its product range to include moulded pallets, among other products.
  • 03.2013The PGS Group acquires the Arnaud Group’s wood business

    PGS logs its tenth acquisition in France since 2009 and puts the finishing touches to its network in France in order to capture the international market. On 29 March 2013, PGS acquires 100% of the share capital of F. Arnaud and Palsud, two Arnaud subsidiaries. Our Group now boasts an efficient, functional network of sites that spans all of France, to provide competitive, responsive service to our customers.
  • 06.2013 PGS opens an international unit

    The Group continues its expansion beyond France by appointing a special international team. The PGS network extends into North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
  • 04.2014 PGS sets its sights on Morocco

    Its new unit, based in Casablanca, provides a base for expanding the Group’s pallet manufacturing and reconditioning operations in the country. The Group’s directors choose Morocco for its economic vitality and geographic location, which makes the country a hub for international firms seeking to expand into Africa.
  • 05.2014 PGS acquires control of De Backer

    Adding to its initial stake from 2012, PGS now controls 100% of the Belgian firm. The deal confirms the Group’s strong ambitions in Belgium and beyond.
  • 06.2014 PGS acquires a stake in Spanish lumber firm Maderas José Sáiz

    This latest strategic transaction outside France is a testament to the Group’s ambitions for international growth. Through its Beynel subsidiary, PGS acquires an initial equity stake of 20% in Spain’s leading pallet lumber producer.
  • 09.2014 Création de RDB Pallets

    Cette Joint-venture entre DE BACKER et RODANAR donne naissance au nouveau leader belge de la fabrication de palettes bois. Le pays offre un formidable potentiel de développement en croissance organique.
  • 09.2014 Création de la société ALTERVAL

    PGS et Romuald UZAN (ancien DG PGS) reprennent les activités des sociétés TECHVAL et PRODEAS implantées à Epouville (76). Cette opération sauve 26 emplois et permet au Groupe d’étendre sa gamme de produits. ALTERVAL, leader du marché du compacteur rotatif, développe des activités de conception, de fabrication et de distribution de matériels pour le compactage de résidus d’emballages de type carton, plastique, cagettes ou palettes en fin de vie.
  • 10.2014 PGS assumes control of Belgium’s RLS

    As part of a new external growth campaign, PGS acquires a 73% stake in RLS. The Group can now offer its own pallet relocation service.
  • 11.2014 PGS acquires a stake in the Josso Group

    Josso, a Brittany-based wood products firm, confirms that PGS has acquired a 34% interest in its holding company. Josso and PGS share the same human values and the same passion for French wood. They plan to join forces on an ambitious policy of investment and growth, primarily in Brittany.
  • 01.2015 PGS partners with Aprobois

    Thanks to this partnership, PGS and Aprobois (a lumber producer and manufacturer) will be able to offer an expanded, complementary range of services designed to meet even the most demanding customer needs.
  • 02.2015 Acquisition of BPS

    PGS acquires Groupe Bretagne Palettes Services, which specialises in wood pallet reconditioning and recycling. In the wake of this external growth transaction, PGS now offers a comprehensive range of products and services in Brittany.
  • 05.2015 New production unit in Spain

    new production unit is established at Vila Real, Spain: PGBS Mediterraneo.
  • 07.2015PGS and GPK merge their big bag operations

    Under the merger between the two companies, PGS employees working in big bags join forces with their GPK counterparts to expand their expertise under a single banner: GPK Services.
  • 10.2015 Acquisition of AMG

    PGS and Alterval jointly acquire AMG, a company in bankruptcy proceedings. AMG is a specialty manufacturer of photopolymer plates for corrugated cardboard printing.
  • 12.2015 PGS acquires a stake in Maton

    RDB Pallets, a joint venture founded in September 2014 by the Belgian pallet production specialists Rodanar and De Backer (a PGS Group subsidiary), continues its expansion in Belgium by announcing its purchase of a 40% stake in Maton.
  • 02.2016 Emergency shelters made from PGS pallets

    The PGS Group and Sofrinnov, the Toulouse-based firm that designed the Rescooz® emergency shelter, sign a promising partnership to benefit a humanitarian cause. The 25-sq.m shelter, sold as a kit, is made from wood pallets supplied by PGS.
  • 04.2016Luc Grauwet is named PGS Group Vice President

    Grauwet, 43, will work alongside Jean-Louis Louvel and Michaël Modugno, the PGS Group’s two founding partners and joint chairmen. A Flemish electromechanical engineer, Grauwet has spent years with pallets as the owner of Rodanar. PGS and Rodanar came together in September 2014 to form RDB Pallets, a Belgian joint venture between the PGS production site in Poperinge (De Backer) and Rodanar’s facility in Snaaskerke-Gistel (Oostende). Together they have emerged as Belgium’s leading pallet production and reconditioning company in just two years.
  • 04.2016 Booming business at AMG

    Despite having been placed in receivership in October 2015, AMG reports positive results under director Emmanuel Fontaine just six months after its acquisition, with strong growth prospects. AMG will soon expand its product range by diversifying into the flexible packaging business; it also intends to widen its geographical reach beyond its current bases in France and Morocco (with its AMGM facility in Casablanca). A €1-million investment is allocated for that project.
  • 07.2016 Jean-Louis Louvel is named a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

    The PGS Group founder and CEO is presented with the insignia of the Knight of the Legion of Honour by France’s Secretary of State for Local Authorities, Estelle Grelier. France’s highest honour is awarded to Jean-Louis Louvel in recognition of his achievements as a business owner on behalf of the wood industry, the environment, employment and entrepreneurship.
  • 09.2016 AMG is awarded the 2016 Flexo Gold Star

    AMG is chosen by its industry peers as the winner of the Flexo Gold Star in flexo printing (a process similar to typography). AMG is the winner in category A, “Corrugated post-print on uncoated material”, a technique used to print images (logos, visuals, text, etc.) on boxes or point-of-sale advertising.
  • 11.2016 A 2016 Packaging Oscar for the Eco PGS back flap pallet

    Emballages Magazine awards PGS Reverse a 2016 Packaging Oscar in the Industrial Packaging category for its new Eco PGS back flap pallet. Environmentally friendly, foldable, easy to ship and handle, the pallet is paired with a European collection service for simpler reuse.
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