Mulch color

Mulch Color® impact-absorbing ground cover combines safety and aesthetics. Used in play areas, Mulch Color® offers a completely natural appearance while enhancing safety, thanks to the flexibility and elasticity of the chips..

We produce Mulch Color® wood chips for playgrounds by crushing pallets and subjecting the results to heat treatment: the core temperature is raised to 56° for 30 minutes. As a result, Mulch Color® is dry and durable over time.

It’s a 100% natural product, manufactured at our facilities in St Viaud and Wasselonne. By using an exceptionally dry recycled product, we eliminate the need for additional treatment, such as energy-intensive high-temperature treatment.

Mulch Color® is available in a natural wood colour as well as gold, red, green, blue or brown. These colours are created using a natural pigment paste that complies with the EN71.3 toy safety standard and cosmetics standards.

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