Wood pallets

Whether standard or customised, new or reconditioned, wood pallets offer a wide range of solutions

Ecological and economical

Our pallets are integral to sustainable development, produced from an abundant, renewable resource. As an easily repairable resource that allows for end-of-life recovery of both energy and materials, pallets have a natural, authentic image that’s perfectly aligned with today’s concern for the environment.
Since wood is easy to work with, it can be used to produce all types of pallets. Wood pallets have many uses – they’re suitable for most applications across every business sector. They are widely used by manufacturers and retailers, especially for high-rotation products (dry goods, fresh foods, dairy products, liquids, etc.).

When you choose wood pallets, you’re choosing:
THE ECONOMICAL SOLUTION, thanks to a competitive raw material
THE CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION, since it’s possible to create all types of pallet models without any specific restrictions
THE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTION, because wood is the ultimate eco-material: natural, renewable and recyclable, so it helps to combat the greenhouse-gas effect

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