Satisfying our customers

Customer satisfaction is a major goal of our business strategy.
In pursuit of our objective of total quality at a reduced cost, we address fundamental concerns such as:

The PGS quality charter

PGS’s formal commitment to quality is set out in a Quality and Service Charter.

It describes the four guarantees on which our quality is based: customer care, responsiveness, know-how and ethics. It also summarises the major objectives pursued by PGS management.
The Quality and Service Charter is especially valuable because it provides a long-term foundation for our quality policy and affirms the importance that our management ascribes to quality.

We always take the time to do things right for our customers!
Provide quality products that are closely tailored to the specific nature of the customer or its specifications.
Identify products that offer customers the best value for their money.
Rigorously follow quality procedures established at each company.
Meet stated manufacturing and delivery deadlines.
Manufacture sustainability-minded products that are friendly to the environment.
Provide complete information on our products’ characteristics and applications.
Issue certificates that our customers may need or find beneficial.
Maintain an attentive customer relationship via regular, dedicated contact persons.
Make a firm commitment to continuous improvement.

"At PGS, ensuring quality no longer just means making excellent products or offering the best services. It means building a methodical company culture that we put into practice each day."


At PGS, quality is everyone’s business!

The major components of our quality policy include collecting customer feedback on our products, identifying priority enhancements and monitoring changes in customer opinion.
Our QSE Manager (Quality, Safety, Environment) is tasked with overseeing continuous improvement in our product and service quality management.
The QSE Manager must ensure our products meet quality standards at every stage of their life until they are delivered to our customers’ sites.
Everyone in the company has a role to play in the quality process, up to the highest levels of the Group’s management.

A dedicated team

Our system for achieving and maintaining quality relies on:

Defined, monitored procedures

Production flow charts, internal quality audits, tracking indicators, corrective and preventive action, processing of complaints and more.

Operations teams

Managers with genuine, specialised professional expertise, working in direct contact with our products.

Functional teams

They provide support to the operations teams. One example is the Quality Unit, which ensures that we uphold and develop principles of compliance and continuous improvement.

Management resources

A collection of documents that govern our general operations (instructions, manual, information and communications technology, etc.).
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