Employee-driven innovation

Encouraging research and innovation on an ongoing basis is a priority at PGS. We have cultivated a spirit of Research & Development for many years, because it offers the best way to open up new opportunities that help us move more quickly in steering our growth. In addition to technological innovation focused on our products and production procedures, we have now integrated innovation into our management, marketing and business development operations.
Innovation is a mindset shared throughout the company for ensuring our success and enhancing our industrial competitiveness.

More applied research

The original research we conduct is designed to yield scientific or technical knowledge with specific, practical applications.
It builds and expands on existing knowledge with the aim of resolving particular problems.
This “applied” research is always focused on the direct, primary objective of launching production of new products, processes or services, or significantly improving those that exist.


A dedicated team

All research and development activity requires human and financial resources as well as a dedicated work environment. Therefore, the PGS Group has created an R&D department that brings together experts across disciplines and products. Their task is to conduct research that combines the company’s skills with our customers’ expectations, using current and future customer needs as a starting point.
We have identified four major research activities that are designed to help us to create more competitive wood materials by improving our processing and recovery processes and develop innovative new products:


Streamlining methods for storing fallen timber / Enhancing forest resources / Designing optimal transport flows for reducing our environmental impact

Design and Construction

Robotisation and automation of our production lines and processes / Butt-joining and bonding green wood to obtain longer wood pieces (ABOVE Project)


Protecting the wood and extending its lifespan by preserving its integrity / Microbiology of wood in contact with food

Sustainable Development

Designing products and processes with a reduced environmental impact during production, in service and at the end of their life / Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) / Carbon footprint assessment / Eco-design. In addition, we are active participants in numerous working groups led by the industry associations, organisations and trade unions of which we are members, including FNB, SYPAL, SEILA, FIBA, ASLOG, FEFPEB, etc.


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