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Comprehensive services across the entire supply chain
Logistics is becoming a major factor in helping every company grow more competitive. At PGS, we offer expertise that spans the entire company. We’re constantly enhancing that expertise by improving our organisational efficiency and responsiveness, through better management of logistics flows and services, physical flows of goods and related flows of information.
As a result, PGS can offer more cost-effective logistics services:
Design and engineering of customised solutions.
Optimised transport and flow consolidation.
Product collection and distribution in the shortest amount of time.
A uniform, competitive pricing policy.
We rely on our in-house fleet of 70 vehicles, distributed among our various production sites. Those vehicles are especially well suited to loads that are optimised in terms of volume, handling and prospecting. In addition, we maintain an inventory of 645 tippers (flatbed or skip) that we can make available to our customers for collecting their used pallets.
Our goal is to ensure you always have the right pallets at the right place, right when you need them!


Mise à disposition gratuite sur vos sites de bennes plateaux (dimensions : 7,20m x 2,50m)


Considerable time savings for forklift operatorswith direct loading onto the flatbed tippers we provide.
No additional loading time needed when the pallets are collectedbecause they’re placed directly on the tipper.


All used pallets are stored directly on the tipper, so no space is needed for loading.


The tipper platforms are at ground level, so handling stacks of used pallets is easier and safer (with no handling at height).


When our drivers arrive for collection, a new tipper is automatically made available.


On request, our team of experts can conduct a complimentary audit of your supply chain from top to bottom to assess your packaging needs. We analyse the palletisation process so we can work with you to find the product that’s best suited to your needs. We consolidate and streamline the needs of all of your sites worldwide.

Comprehensive analysis at no charge

  • Supply Chain100%
  • Packaging needs100%
  • Palletisation process100%


Optimising pallet design: a business in its own right
Why make an oversized pallet that’s more expensive? Why make an oversized pallet that’s more expensive? Some users are looking to obtain non-standard wood pallets adapted to their specific needs. They need help in refining the various component elements of their pallet, and they’re looking for the most cost-effective solution.
At PGS, we believe the task of designing a pallet is similar to that of an architect who defines a building’s structural characteristics and then drafts the plans.
Designing a pallet involves creating a structure that will be used to transport as much as several tonnes of goods, with maximum safety and cost-effectiveness for both personnel and equipment. Therefore, we need to have a comprehensive grasp of the technical and financial considerations for the pallet before we can arrive at a design.

Pallet Express software : new engineering for wood pallets
Neither the multiple design software packages currently available on the French market, which merely replace a designer’s ruler, nor the American sizing software, developed with two-way entry pallets and North American wood species in mind, meet requirements. That’s why we’ve chosen to use Pallet Express, pallet design software developed by the Institut Technologique FCBA and the scientific software developers and IT engineers at ITECH, in partnership with SYPAL, France’s national wood pallet association.
Today, after successive iterations, this design tool can be used to determine the optimal cubic measurement for the pallet, and therefore the best raw material to use, based on careful sizing, while still ensuring that the pallet offers the level of mechanical performance that its users need.

So why create a more expensive oversized pallet when it’s now possible to reduce your pallet costs and maintain safety! Put an end to those “guesstimates” and empirical methods!


With a PDS, you can ensure effective use of your materials by :

Extending each product’s lifespan – A PDS contains a sustainability analysis that determines how long a pallet will last. You can change the design specifically to extend the product’s working life.
Re-using more materials – With a PDS, pallet designers can analyse pallet performance when recycled components are used. Before pallet design systems, users had no assurance about the effectiveness of a recycled pallet.
Using fewer materials – Thanks to a PDS, pallets can be designed to make the most effective use of the materials without compromising on performance. As a result, not an ounce of material is wasted, and the pallet can be used safely and effectively for all your applications.

Pallet Express V.4

We use the most recent version of the software, V4, which lets us:
Generate detailed specifications that list all of the pallet’s characteristics (dimensions, weight, attachment parts, nailing pattern, etc.).
Calculate the maximum permissible loads, based on the projected loading and support conditions.
Define the dimensions of the pallet components and assemblers.
Identify the component bearing the most weight.
Establish realistic dimensional drawings for the pallet.

Why make an oversized pallet that’s more expensive?

When it’s now possible to reduce your pallet costs and maintain safety!

Put an end to those “guesstimates” and empirical methods!



Support and development for optimal performance
Thanks to our ability to listen to and summarise your needs, we can quickly grasp your request and prepare a response. You can also count on us to work rigorously, independently and responsively to provide effective service on behalf of your projects, within your stated timeframes.
We begin by breaking down and analysing the functional requirements for your ideal pallet as part of a needs specification, and then propose the technical specs for the pallet that can best fulfil your expectations.

Our basic principles :

We make a daily commitment to our customers.


Drying / NIMP15

Why do pallets need to be artificially dried ?



The stored products need to be protected against possible dampness (in cases where the products or their packaging are hydrophilic).

Weight reduction

Lighter-weight pallets make for easier handling.

Higher performance

Artificially dried pallets have greater mechanical strength and maintain the proper dimensions.


Pallet and container deterioration from fungal infestation, as well as aesthetic deterioration, are reduced.


Eco Repair is a customized, onsite solution for repairing a customer’s inventory of pallets..
Green-friendly and economical, our Eco Repair is a 100% standalone solution.
This customised service can be quickly set up at a customer’s site, to ensure we can address your needs as effectively as possible.
Your pallets are repaired in strict compliance with EPAL, CP and other regulatory approvals.

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